Special deals for 4/20?

Historically, the week leading up to 4/20 is one of the most lucrative weeks for sales in the cannabis industry. Every retail location is offering special deals. What are you doing to get customers in your store? What deals are you offering for the 4/20 holiday? Did you grow a special cultivar just for the occasion? This thread is to discuss how you are marketing for 4/20… @memberdirectory let’s chat 4/20 deals!


US Water Systems will be giving away a free water test and consultation with a Water Treatment Specialist to GNet family. Get your water tested before sending it to your ladies.

Be on the lookout for the our new banner, and different specials on equipment, and products being launched on 4/20.



Everybody gets 10% off and a free Mindica cannabis chocolate with any purchase.

Jack Herer brand vape Buy one Get One Free. (premium vape) Stacks with all deals

Jetty Extracts buy one get one half off. (vape and dab) Stacks with all deals

Buy any vape, get a battery free. Stacks with all deals

Spend $100, get and additional 5% off, making the total 15% off all purchases. Also receive a free joint, and all offers above.

Spend $200, get a 707 OG kush 3.5g from Roots. ($25 value)15% off all purchases. Free joint.

Spend $300, get a craft house Clementine 3.5g (30$ value) (or roots 1/8 if desired) and an additional 10% off (20% total). Don’t forget about the free joint as well!

Spend $400 Get a Flow Kana - Triangle Kush 3.5g ($42 value) (or choice of Clementine or roots) pre roll joint, and an additional 10% off. (20% total)

Spend $500 Get a Flow Kana - Triangle Kush 3.5g ($42 value) Pre -roll and 1 additional 3.5g of flower. (clementine or roots) Plus an additional 15% off (25%) total.

Then we have some secret prizes we will be handing out randomly throughout the day. Just swag, like lanyards, hats, lighters, papers, bag totes, ext.

Until supplies run out. (we have a ton of supplies. Enough for 6 times our normal volume)
How about everybody else?


Nice, @HazyBulldogFarms! It sounds like you save some seriously curated deals! I hope you sell out of your whole inventory on 4/20! Happy holiday!


Not a dispensary, but a farm- mostly clones- we are offering discounts for dispensaries as well as one of our customers is having a “meet the farmer day” and our grower will be there to talk to end users/home growers about their plants


Very cool public outreach! What a great community service!


Though we are a market research firm, Reckner360 is offering 42% off of any healthcare professional study that starts any time next week (not including honoraria paid to the respondents). This is for any current or first-time clients.



JWC Environmental - Experts in the Industry for Marijuana Waste Destruction and Hemp Extraction is offering Special Pricing for a limited time in honor of 4/20!

Not Sure if we can handle your grow - Just Ask - It’s a Free Call - 888-650-7563