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Specific Retail Regulations for Ontario Shops

Hi there fellow Growers!

So I don’t know if it’s me or what but I can’t seem to find specific regulations meant for the stores in Ontario?

Everything seems so unclear.

Does the store need to be surrounded by a fence?

Do store walls have to be a specific thickness?

Are there specific cultivars that should be sold or can’t be sold?

Which cultivars are the most popular?

Thanks in advance!!


Perhaps @Zoticuss can provide some insight?


Thanks very much @joegrow0523 :slightly_smiling_face:


@Canadians may be able to offer a little more insight into Ontario rules and regs than I can. Is anyone apprised of current laws in Ontario? I will do some research online and see what I can dig up.

@ZsaZsa, have you reached out to your local licensing board for clarification of some of your questions. In my state (AZ) I am often surprised how helpful some of the folks at the state DHS office can be. It might be a place to start.