Speed of Autoflower

Here’s a pic of my autoflowers of various sizes. We had a bit of a leaf rush issue that I’ve been cutting back. I cannot believe how fast they grow. We’re at about 29 days since the seeds popped and they’re already showing white hairs. Crazy! The one of the top (biggest) is OG Kush from HSO. It’s a monster. Not sure what the yield will be like. I didn’t top any of them. I’m going to grow some in coir as well and will top those. You have to do that right away apparently!


Can’t wait to see what the future holds for these little ladies!

Grow on, my brother!


Please do post those yields and yield differences. I’m curious about what those numbers will look like. “They grow up so fast…”


And then, another growth spurt. We’re going to set up a net to try to divide them a bit.


Autos are very unruly growing little buggers… Aside from that zero tolerance in PH (lol), they move out with a purpose… Super fast! A photo growers nightmare, lol!

Great stuff you have going there… Cant wait to see how they flower out!:cowboy_hat_face:


Wow! You can quite literally “Watch the grass grow”. That’s some insane speed of growth. Call me ever-the-novice-grower, but what’s the major downside to auto flower? There has to be a reason why it’s not the go-to for growers. What’s the word on auto flower?


Seems to me that the people that try autos on a large scale have issues with stressing them out early and they flip due to that. So lots of gardens I visited this year had mass amounts of small flowering autos. Short of it is that without focusing on them alone, things can happen and make them flower early. Letting them dry out too much on accident, someone not knowing and trying to defoliate like they would a photo, or simply water too much and stress the roots. Very finicky plants from what I have seen. But, have seen people be really successful with them as well. Especially with smaller grows. My uncle gets about 5lbs off of 6 plants every year like clock work.
What have others seen in large facilities playing around with autos?
What is the largest yield you have seen on an Auto?


I’m interested to hear what @mastergrowers have to add to this.

@NateDakine420 It sounds like they are great plants to grow, but, at the moment, it becomes difficult to grow autos at scale because they don’t grow with such uniformity and consistency that you can get with controlling variables inside the grow or variables with an outside grow. Is that right?


As a lifelong photoperiod grower, I have a really hard time accepting the autos into my grow…The lack of control in that one variable is enough for me to be afraid!


Are you afraid that the plant will fail or that it will cause other sorts of issues?


Little bit of both. First and foremost I worry (and I know this fear may be a bit misplaced) about hermaphroditism. I don’t want a single nanner to ruin my photo crops.

I also think the lack of temporal control of when my flowers bloom is part of the fear factor for me.


I haven’t been able to get a straight answer about timing, consistency, nor yield from auto breeders, and they wanted $8-10 per seed. Too much risk for far too high of a price for me.


In my experience with attempts of 150+ at a time is very inconsistent yields and size. Plants do not yield enough to compete in my facility. We are an outdoor grow and have tried three runs with very little satisfaction. Test results are consistently lower than anything else we grow, and yields are pitiful in comparison to my light dep tunnels. The speed is appealing but the use of light dep has proven to be vastly better product and yield. Real Estate is at a premium in our facility and as of now Autos have only disappointed. I know of a few other farms that use them solely for extract material and that may be a viable use commercially.

For the personal grow they may be an option, but no store in Washington that I know of sells bagged Auto flower, it just doesn’t compete.


This is a bit of topic turn here, but has anyone experimented with topsy-turvy growing? You’d have to flip the whole lighting system upside down, but I’m curious about this method.

If it were effective, you can potentially double your real estate by growing atop existing grow areas and potentially grow bigger colas. I believe I’ve encountered that TT growing reduces the plant’s need to invest biomass into structural growth and focus more on flowering.

Thoughts? Am I off-base here?


with a professional approach, a very good result
300 grams per 1 meter in 60-70 days
on photo auto-Tyva Republic-60 days теrra


I’ve heard the downfall is lower yield but I’ll let you know about that as well. I’d think other factors like better lights/nutes might push that theory! I think they’re great for newbies. I’m using Advanced Nutes which is auto pH and I’ll likely always use a pHing nutrient product.

Regarding planting 4 in there … what were we thinking??? :slight_smile:


they’re only about 35 days old & the “Industrial Plant CBD” & the “Blue Kush” are already starting to flower.

It’s shocking!


I’d love to know more.


In trying to be more helpful about a variant i am not excited about, autos…

Definitely PH has a huge roll… off a little and just as fast as it grows, just as fast at dying!

I hear 3 ounces with home growers usually bank if they are attentive. I have heard a few tout 6… I would love to hear more.

I have a bunch of autos in my vault that i keep from growing. I obtained them by accident, and learned from it, lol!:cowboy_hat_face:


It sounds as though autos require a more rapid-response on care and maintenance. I’m still curious to see how big of a yield difference you end up with. But, at 35 days and flowering already, the yield may be smaller, but the churn and rotation is much quicker. :thinking:

The question becomes, what’s the overall cost and yield within a normal photo-cycle? If you can flip two harvests in the time it takes for one photo harvest:

  1. Will your total combined yield be significantly more for the auto?
  2. Did you need to invest more nutes, on average, and the cost of those nutrients per harvest?
  3. How much time per plant was required to get to a successful harvest? [Is the juice worth the squeeze in effort?] :overthink: