Spider farmer sf4000 experience comments

any experience comments?

Very nice light for the price. Samsung diodes and Meanwell drivers, dimmable. Does a good job veg and flower.


what distance should i keep it at ?

I own some but haven’t had the chance to really run them yet. @sssportsmfg uses them and seems to like the results.

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Sf 4000 er fantastisk. 25% off spider farmer sf 7000. Now.

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Really good. I’m running 2, unfortunately I bought mine before the convenient dimmer switch went on the outside, so a bit of a pain to change each time - but I’ve got them set where I like them now.
I run 1 in a veg tent at about 24-36 inches from the plants and dimmed all the way down.
The other in the flower tent sits at about 5 feet from ground level and runs about 90%, the plants grow within about 12 inches without any issues.
Make sure you get the dimming right, made a massive difference on my electricity use, when I first bought them I ran the fully (as you do) to more detriment than benefit and more cost.