Spider Mites During Flower

Do’s and Don’ts of getting rid of this pest, So far ive read the CO2 works the best but im not trying to pump a bunch of Co2 into the house.

has anyone used Nematodes?

@Ladithief will know

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Plain old distilled water will work. Spray them down really well.


Doing that all morning along with triming the really affecred leaves, lol there wasnt any webs so i think…i caught it in the earlier stages. I WANT to kill theses guys lol a lot of the stuff ive read is about controling them which i get their a pest but growing indoors i SHOULD have more control of the enviroment than i would outdoors.

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I kicked mine outdoors because of them. I used a buddy’s can to mix my soil in and he never told me he had mites over and over. The first night I took the hose and flipped the ladies and sprayed the crap of of the bottoms and temps got very low last few nights! I keep doing it to them before sleep schedule. Lol. That’ll teach em. Im just going to leave them outside. As soon as the 2 I have inside are done I’m gonna sterilize everything.

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Dirty lil bastards lol currently sterilizing everything now

my clones and seedlings, I got the bottoms of the leaves wet and coated the leaves with de. Like thick. Nothing will live in that. Ha. And the soils covered and reapplied each watering.

whats DE? :sweat_smile:

I dont like the idea of soaps or oils


Totally safe for us and pets. Not bugs

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Ahh yeah it liks fossiled dust or diatoms…will be picking some up here in a bit

Been using this… probably not as much as I should but its working

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I had a run in with spider mites a month or so back right when I was about to switch over. They were still in veg so I was able to do a neem oil spray and used predatory mites. And knocked them out in about three weeks. Just now switching to flower after some other set backs but I bet if you used just predator bugs so you don’t have to spray around buds It’s still work. Personally, I think bugs are always best for pests because they can stick around and prevent future infestations.


I’ve used lady bugs for a few years haven’t had a problem with mites since. One lady bug can eat approx. 100 mites a day. Give them a try


The way I look at it is. Once you get mites in flower you are screwed. And you should shit can them.
If you spray anything on your plants at this stage it’s going to permanently get into the trichromes and there is NO way to get it out.
Plus even if you do kill all them little bastards you will still have eggs and poop in your buds.
And I don’t think you want to smoke mite eggs and mite poop, do you?
But I know alot of so called growers and even commercial growers that will treat their flowering crops and think they killed all the mites, but they don’t think about all the eggs and poop, then they sell it and smoke it. This is one of the reasons I only smoke what I grow.
There is NO WAY around it.
On one of my grows I spent way to much time main lining 50 plants. And they were awesome. Seven weeks into flower I spotted some mites. I was so pissed. And I check every single plant I grow everyday.
Anyway I shit canned thousands of dollars of top shelf product. Cause there is NO WAY I’m going to sell contaminated product.
This is just the way I look at it. But everyone has their own opinions and that is fine. To each their own.


I read when u smoke em they lay eggs in your brain and eat it after they hatch!



I wanna read this…

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amen brother

Kind of like the Face Suckers in the movie ALIEN

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