Spiders in the garden

Ive had this lil guy and his homies in my garden since the beginning!
Being a nature nut, I know they help keep yhe flying insects away, but has anyone had any negative experiences with spiders in your garden? Will they end up webbing up the whole plant? Idk just asking…

Im looking at him as a sigm of good luck, the Golden Spider of success!!..or not? :rofl:


I have had them form a nest in one leaf but that was later in flower and later In our local season too.
Other than that one time I’ve had no real issues with them. :v:


Theyre a welcomed guest in @hoppiefrog and my garden for years and had no issues :blush:


Agreed… They are not there to eat your plants or anything they are just posting up waiting for some insects to eat… but if I were to see eggs being laid soon you will have a bunch which is not so good in my opinion… Since I started outdoor ive seen a few but they web on my fence not the actual plants


Spiders are generally indicative of a healthy environment as they are sensitive to pesticide. But don’t count on them to offer much in the way of pest control as they don’t eat very much.