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Spooooooky lol

This caught my attention


The spirits live and that is good evidence. I live in a supposedly haunted house, actually an ex drug rehabilitation centre in the middle of no where. It was abandoned for about a year until i moved in here. I have sadly not seen any paranormal activity. I did once think it was somethin strange, but realised it was bats living in the ceiling. But there are some newspaper clippings of a lady friend who does have ghosts in her house. Some of my friends have witnessed activity in the house. Love the unknown.


Agreed I know people that have witnessed some crazy stuff… My personal experience when I visited my friend in Hawaii he lived across the street from a cemetery… Every single night I’d shit off the TV fall asleep but every night I’d get woken up by it turned back on… I’d turn it back off and it would just keep turning itself back on… Gave me chills!! Lol


Ahh had those chills before, many years ago when I was about 14, i think that is another sign. Dont mess with black magic and cheers to the spirits.


My home is haunted. Things happen daily. And some very disturbing things happen here. My home was built in 1926


I lived in a house where it constantly sounded like someone walking around upstairs and felt like a shadow would bend over inches from our faces while we slept… I didnt believe in stuff like that till my g.f. discribed the exact same thing she kept seeing. It was creepy slept in living room for the lasyt yr we were there haha


GHOST busters have failed to drive out the souls who drift in and out of an 1820s Settler house in Bathurst. The house was bought on a whim by Johannesburg businesswoman Marilyn Michau in December 2005 – she had not even set foot inside the boarded up St John’s Church rectory at the time she decided to purchase the building.

The building has since been exorcised several times by some of the best ghost busters in South Africa. Link to full article

House is already booked for this years Agricultural Show. Have some cannabis activists staying there in April for the Bathurst Agricultural Show. Nothing personally has happened to me at the house, but loads of stories like this.