Sprouted Seed Tea Ferment

I found a recipe for fermented SST (Sprouted Seed Tea (does This Really Work)? - THCFarmer) on THC Farmer and had to try it! I started by soaking corn, chickpea, chia, and quinoa with some Ful Power on some terra cotta trays. I left them for ~60 hours, then blended them 1:1 with water.

I dropped a splash into today’s drench and cut the remaining with a little more water.

I added about 1/2cup of my 1:1 kefir to water lactobacillus starter that ChatGPT told me to do and filled the rest with sugar. It was probably less than the 1/3rd I was hoping for, but hopefully the weight is closer to that ratio than volume… then I covered it with Saran Wrap and lightly tightened the lid on the old kefir bottle.

and I didn’t measure but here’s about what the water ended up looking like. I added a little of the kefir starter and some recharge after this

I will report back on how the plants respond to the water and how the ferment progresses


Nice i havent seen this one.