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Stainless Rolling Tables

I am a steel manufacturer and want to make stainless tables for this industry. In the past, growers that I know, used scabbed together 2x4s, and with mould and bacteria being an issue, the tables eventually had to be burned and start over. With stainless, a good cleaning solves the problem. Tell me your ideas…I want to create a table that will last and also has the features every grower needs.


Stainless is great as it’s easy to clean, impenetrable to mold and NON-REACTIVE to nutrient ions. Frames with adjustable legs are nice for setting the table grade. Having a means to determine the grade without a laser level while compensating for differences in floor height would be nice.

For high-flow systems such as the GrowoniX NDS, deep-channel corrugation is helpful for the table surface, especially when the table is flowing 90 GPM, to prevent the plant media from being carried away. Also, a suitable catchment with drain/recirculation attachment matched with the flow rate is important.

Best of Luck!


Thank you Joe! I think I have those included in my design - being a newbie, makes me feel great to know I’m on the right track. Would you suggest the deep channels to be about an inch deep and about every 6" wide? Which is what we have prototyped now? We also prototyped a deck for the plant media to stand on that we think will work - it allows for a couple of inches in the root area?


I can say that a little deeper than and same width as ordinary roof corrugation should be perfect. Plus, you can always sell it in other markets (!

With this configuration one can set 6" rockwool cubes or smart pots directly on the table, though some prefer coco mats underneath.

It might be a good idea to have a frame that can accommodate both corrugation for drain-to-waste or recirculating nutrient delivery, as well as beds for soil.

Hope this helps. and good luck!


I have started! Input welcome!