Standard Operating Procedures for Cultivators, Processors and Dispensarys

Does your state require you to have Standard Operating Procedures for your
Cultivation facility
Processing Facility

Writing them takes a lot of time, and may not satisfy regulators.
Here is a link for sets that are guaranteed to pass inspectors in any state.

They are $495 each, and they run 380-450 pages each.
Robert Carp
[email protected]


Do you have a compliance version for Canadian Licensed Producers for the recreational side? If so, I would be very interested!


Bryen, are you hacking my email?
I guess great minds think a like - we are working on CLP material RIGHT NOW

  • literally three of us typing furiously, I check my email - and here is
    your request!
    Try me in about 3 weeks.

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Absolutely briliant!

I’ll be in touch!

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Hey friend,

how’s this project coming? I’m currently a Canadian in the starting process of legalized growth operation, guidance is always appreciated!

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