Stardawg91 hybrids

Have 5 different stardawg91 hybrids in seed form.

Mob Dawg ( corleone kush x stardawg91)
Chemdog rmx (greenhouse chemdog x stardawg91)
Dead Dawg91 (deadhead OG x stardawg91)
Funkdawg 91 (funk dawg x stardawg91)
Petey (Raskals OG x stardawg91)

All are regular photoperiods… Better prices on bulk orders.

Trades considered.


Hey @Genotypical

You might want to consider trading on Strainly. We developed a platform for that very purpose, ensuring better safety for everyone :wink:

With 10,000 registered members, it will also likely give you more opportunities :wink:

Have a great week


Very interested in obtaining some of your FUNKDAWG beans. Please lmk the best way to go about doing so. Thank you and have a good evening.

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Also have a few breeder packs available if anyone wants a package deal on some serious heat :fire:

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