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Start up for a new cannabis business in Oregon

We have a start up here in Oregon and we have a property with a pending license, where can we go to find interested investors? We don’t have enough capital to get our tierII off the ground and running?


We tried archview, casaverde, and one other online but we are not connected to very many people here in Oregon yet…


We may be able to help you out. Please pm me a little more information about your situation along with a good phone number :grinning:


Let me tag @AllGreenUSA as they handle securing funding.


I will just throw our terms out on the table, as I am assuming it is a hard offer for anyone to match.

up to 150k of secured financing up front, to be paid back interest free at 20% annually over 5 years. Can be paid back in small segments over each year, if you plan to do indoor or light dep or something… all up front each year…however works for you.

What do we want in exchange for the loan?

We want you to purchase and use our product in your grows and every pound that is bagged needs to have a small sticker with our logo on it. We are basically providing the loan for advertising. If you need a small sample to try out right now, get in touch. I have some serious trials going now on licensed farms so if you want to wait to hear back and talk with the owners of those operations that would probably be best.

Obviously we need to vet you on experience, maybe even provide a master grower to assist you if need be. We can work something out.

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