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Starting a New Grow Room

I am starting a new “Limited Licensed Grow” in Alaska. Yes it is a legal grow. My room is approximately 10x14ft. I am looking for feedback on my intended set up. My room is 6.5’ high so there is a bit of a challenge there. My plan was to run 6 - 315watt LEC lights. Im torn between irrigation set up. Ive thought about the 2 -60 site aeroflo aeroponic tables, or even building my own similar set up. I plan on using the SOG set up as I am limited on space, and need to turn a little quicker to make this a profitable venture. Any suggestions or feedback is appreciated.



You could use a Screen of green method to reduce plant count, and it would give you a low, horizontal screen to train all your plants under. I find this works best in height-restricted areas.

Regardless of method, you’ll want to ensure you can utilize as much space as possible. My canopy crawlers are great for maximizing grow space, because you can create aisles when you need them. Is the 10x14 the whole area? or is it the growing area? need space to walk around…

Do you handwater? or automatic?