Starting a new journal

Just n update Grow tent transfer out of my grow box and into my tent until April

Just n update on some seedling sprouts in my new built in germination dark room germinated in water continuing germination in dark room until their long enough to put in oxy cloner most of these sprouts are auto flower ordered from breeder all but 3 seeds the three are grown by me or came in dispensary bud all the seedlings from breeder were very premature I got a bunch of them to sprout after 2 days in water now their in the sponge so they don’t rot in the cup of water

Finally got a real camera for my grow just to document my grow entirely. We have surveylance around our property as well. Here are a few images of my camera and a screen shot from the camera itself I know it’s a bit bulky but I wanted one that is wifi capable in color and that has a speaker over com it’s big but it needs to be I can watch my grow from anywhere I get an internet connection

Last image was taken from my security cam

Quick update on my auto heating system and thermostat

So I tinkered with my lighting a bit to save on power n this is how I’m starting my little seedlings out until they out grow this n then I’ll turn the thousand watter back on on a timer got them under 90 watts vs 1000 watts

The large Light is off

Little update with pic on 2022 grow these are my seedlings won’t know genetics til they flower had a bunch of old seeds stored been collecting them from dispensaries and home grows also got 5 autos going from store bought seeds the autos are germinating and their premies the seedlings already sprouted are on a 2x a week feeding schedule

This is my hydroponic aeroponic setup currently n this is what I be growing!I’m running my lights 18 hrs a day during veg. I feed 2x a week or so. Both lights are 1000 watts the wills light has dimmer both have timers. I will be cloning these seedlings when they are better developed. Ive got some deadhead og some green crack and some Oregon diesel seedlings going along with misc from previous harvests won’t know which is which til I harvest and get a good examination of the flower. I will keep you updated as I go about how things are coming along. I’ve dished out a lot of dough this yr harvesting last yrs bud and getting this yrs crop going. But it was much needed and will make things run smoothly and I will end up with quality flower. I’ve got dehumidifiers now drying racks and curing equipment. Last yrs crop has improved tremendously from how we were harvesting it out before. We were able to preserve all of our crop with only a very few large buds mildewing vs lbs getting lost to mold.
The way I harvest is like this. 2 weeks into hanging I start 2nd phase drying and curing in temp controlled humidity controlled dry room. I jar and trim as I go. I use scissors and a bud groomer to trim I also cure in paper bags for 7 days. I jar and store my trimmed and cured buds in a locking cabinet. I have a room in our house I specifically use for growing drying and storing our bud all in one place. I start drying in late October and It’s all finished and jarred by late December. January I begin germinating the following yrs crop. Time is of the essence. My grow season runs all year all 12 months from germination to harvest. My plants start out indoors for 4 months early spring once their properly acclimated and hardened they grow in the sun outdoors . I don’t take short cuts my techniques are pretty much cut and dry I try not to complicate the process there’s no need to. I feed during veg and flush during flowering. That’s about as difficult as it gets for me I don’t use pesticides never had the desire to. I get caterpillars every once in awhile but I’m not infested with bugs thank God. It’s fairly simple and consistent how I grow and harvest. If you think about it there’s only 1 way to grow successfully and that is the correct way. I work hard to produce a high THC clean burning flower. And that’s all I will grow high quality clean burning cannabis.Every year I start seeds some yrs I re-home them so the ol man can grow top shelf strain clones he gets from his buddy. Some years we grow the seeds and harvest them. But not usually here lately. We’ve been growing here at our home since it’s legalization in our state Ive had my share of ups and downs I’ve lost entire crops at times and had to start over mid season cause of our pets Dogs cats chickens or wildlife critters . I know the complications and risks you take growing and harvesting that’s why I upgraded my equipment and setups and purchased new systems. We store it properly and safely the cabinet is an upgrade before it was stored in a locked shop. It was too wet out there. We all learn the same way through Trial And Error and Experience.
We grow we share knowledge. we teach we learn. That’s my favorite part of the growers network. And social networking

Last image is my preroll herb already grinded with shredder part of Cheese grader


:+1:t3: Nice. I’ll be following along. Are you going to be growing One Plant at a time?


I’m set up to do 10 adults indoor and outdoor and 20 clones or seeds at the same time I’ll be doubling one of the 6" rockwools


OK I’m starting to understand.:+1:t3:


I will be sprouting and partly vegging hydroponically indoors til spring then sun grow after proper acclimation and hardening


Looking forward to this one. Happy growing @smejias