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State of Arkansas Update

One of the great things about Arkansas is its citizen’s initiative process to get a proposal approved as a constitutional amendment. The citizen propose and vote on a constitutional amendment. No legislature input or alteration. That is how we got medical cannabis. but not the reality of a governor who is a former head of DEA and a legislature who believes “Reefer Madness” is a documentary.
The Medical Marijuana Commission was to announce the dispensary licencees on Wednesday. That day they desired to postpone the meeting and wait till next year. They postponed the meeting to allow two new members to join the panel. They knew they would have two new members for months. Also the company who helped grade the applications was too busy to come to Little Rock to meet. They also knew the date of the meeting for months. Hell they helped set the date since they could not meet their early set deadline.
Just typical state bull from a bunch of old farts at work.


Well it’s real easy to just blame the government, but half the state was running around telling people to vote for issue 6 because “something was better tHan nothing”. How’s that working out?
Yes the state has done a lot to delay, but if you voted for issue 6, you share some of the blame. Had the people stuck to their guns, and not voted in a monopoly for a few, would be right there with OK this year…


Arkansas is a hard state to do business in, but the people of the state seem ok with this quirk.

Remember Arkansas is generally 48, 49, or 50th in most spending that does not reflect their conservative Christian values. People in Arkansas are as proud and showy as any Hollywood dillatont. Remember that parts of Arkansas have some of the lowest life expectancy by zip code of any parts of the country. The state is full of people who think science is a conspiracy from the godless left.

Doing business in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Red parts of Kansas and Sothern Missouri is just hard work. If you don’t fit, with there ideas proper you are just screwed. I always had to remember to count to ten after a client finished speaking, just to make sure that they had stopped talking. And to show that I was listing to what they had to say and I had given it careful consideration. You don’t get a second chance in the Bible Belt.

Good luck Arkansas you will get there when you figure out hemp sales will mean jobs in the farm sectors. Hemp will be a big commodity in Arkansas just as it was before and during WW2.

A campaign that repost the Old WW2 hemp for victory propaganda will go a long way to show how patriotic growing hemp was and can be. It will be a real marketing challenge but, you will have to play to the states strengths not it weakness.

from the voices in my head


This sounds like an affront on an otherwise constitutional process. I call shenanigans!


Native Arkansan here. That would be a decent description of the majority around the area.
It is definitely a hard place to live, low wages, low cost of living, high suicide rate, high rate of tobacco use, poor local and state leadership, corruption etc…
There is a lot of naturally beautiful places there though.


Northern Arkansas is stunning. Buffalo river

From the voices in my head.