State of Oregon Proposed 0.3% TOTAL THC Change

Attention growersnetwork users, it has come to our attention that Oregon has proposed a bill to change the total THC limits to 0.3%. I have written an article explaining the adverse impacts of this and what it can mean for the entire hemp industry as a whole! Please share and read. We will most likely be adding a fundraiser to help combat this.

Getting attention is the first step. Lets guide the State of Oregon to make the right decision for the greatest number of citizens.

Please share your reactions and give feedback. Fide Freight is very serious about maintaining and helping to grow the hemp industry. This is our contribution to spread awareness and get in front of it.


Fide Freight Team


Hemp is already federally recognized at less than .03% THC, I don’t see anything new. If that were the case with cannabis I could see the issue but if it’s the hemp industry that concerns you most other states currently follow federal regulations since the Farm Bill of 2018. If Oregon has an intrastate rule allowing over .03% THC to be called hemp then that’s a federal compliance issue and it would level the playing field with other states and federal hemp laws.

I have no problem with a federal change raising the THC levels of Hemp, I support those efforts but I don’t support Oregon hemp producers having an unfair advantage over other hemp producing states who follow the .03 definition of hemp with no movement of products over the limit.

Don’t get me wrong, I support all progressive hemp and cannabis laws and quite frankly don’t like any laws requiring a license to grow or THC caps on either product. Big Hemp has already got too many protective laws carved out, in NC you have to already have a agricultural license and filed a state income tax as a farm for the year(s) prior to applying for a license to grow hemp. Anyone should be able to grow hemp and/or cannabis. When you see proposed laws requiring only sterile feminized hemp and cannabis seeds be planted outdoors you know the fix is in and we are headed that way. In states like Oregon where both are legal to grow cross pollination is the real issue with limits and it cuts both ways. Biomass hemp rarely exceeds .03% THC unless pollinated by cannabis plants or is genetically modified from cannabis plants to hemp flower plants.

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For years now it’s been ok for hemp products in Oregon to test up to .9% thc. It wasn’t till you product tested above 1.0% that the DEA was notified and you’d be required to pull your harvest and dispose of it properly. I was very surprised when I heard this was being introduced in my state.
I felt like it was just a matter of time till the 1.0% limit was excepted on a federal level. With the new legislation that has been introduced back in DC.