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Still looking for the right one

Hello my friends , as those who look at what I do on this blog already know I have been searching for employment as a cultivator or to work under a master grower I have 8 yrs of in door and out door expirence on my own property and have been saving up money and trying to meet the right people to follow my dream of growing canabis for my trade i have grown multiple plants and have checked most of the out house grow going on in my area and they either have no spots available or are I’m the works of getting things set up and are a yr away from hiring I am willing to relocate I am a reliable human and am open to talk to any1 that can help meove forward in the right direction

What state are you looking to move to?

I’m not looking to move jus willing to fly out and stay somewhere for a season to get my feet wet at trying to grow for some one for a living in no way am I trying to up rooty wife and kid till I know something is beyond worth it and could help me move forward twords my dreams of making my own brand of edibles and growing weed for a large farm

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But I figured that me going somewhere for a fewmonths to establish a relationship w whom ever is will to come a chance to help the industry and help persue my dream