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STM Mini-RocketBox (Pre-Roll/Cone Filling Machine)

Hey everyone! :grinning: It’s definitely been a while since I’ve posted in here but ready to get back to it. If you didn’t get a chance to see this machine launch at MJBizCon Vegas this past December…

Meet the all-new STM Mini-RocketBox pre-roll machine ($6,000 USD)

  • 143 pre-rolls in 45 seconds (up to 11k daily)
  • Adjustable dial (vs. only high/low)
  • Advanced RocketBox technology
  • Great for infused joints, small operations & smaller runs
  • 1-Year Parts & Labor Warranty (stainless steel vs. plastic)
  • In-Depth virtual training & support

Why it matters:

  1. High Volume = you may never need this much volume daily but…
    A. High speed means lower labor costs
    B. Contracts & deals pop up out of the blue
    C. Holidays like 4/20 make demands spike and you don’t want to miss out on sales
    D. Employees get sick, fall behind and need to catch up quickly
    E. You may want to contract manufacture for other brands & have more revenue streams

  2. Durable & Reliable = less downtime & frustration waiting for fixes/parts

  3. Higher Quality = best way to stand out in an oversaturated market is having quality products that keep customers coming back

Feel free to check out the STM Products Dropbox folder for videos, tech specs, testimonials, etc.

If you have any questions, feel free to call/email anytime:
[email protected] | (509) 204-3165



that was an awesome display you had there… hoping to attend this year too

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The rich get richer the poor get poorer… I just don’t understand why the industry is going to be controlled by a few… You just stated cut back on labor costs… I say create jobs with this industry… A good trimmer will always do better than some machine

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Thanks, @Ladithief! Hope you make it out!

@scotty17 - Totally fair. If I had more room without losing people with too much information in a post, I would’ve definitely elaborated. We are 100% about job creation, social equity, etc. When I say cut labor costs, what I/we really mean is that your staff can be doing far better things that will make your business money and help it grow vs. sitting there packing a joint one by one and wasting time. That team member can be running your shop and increasing sales, helping production, hand-trimming (!) and other crucial parts of the process that could use a person’s touch. And, honestly, if the little guys want to stay around along with the corporations out there, they need equipment like ours to help them compete (that’s what makes me feel good about what we do). As far as trimmers go, hand-trimming is always going to give you the premium quality you want - no doubt.


I myself am a business owner… Construction flooring contractor… I understand overhead costs compared to payroll costs taxes etc… You make a good point for sure :+1::seedling::herb::palm_tree::call_me_hand:… After all I’ve seen in the BM and legal… There are skilled people looking for a job well atleast that is just here in California