Success Secrets for CBD e-commerce

Happy Monday Growers Network. I am preparing to moderate a panel at a upcoming expo. I wanted to get your opinions on what are some of the pain points, what works, what are your recommendations or warnings you would want to tell the future e-commerce players coming into this industry.

My focus with the panel is that they must first learn the fundamentals of e-business registration, merchant accounting, site building, SEO, social media, and e-commerce development.

Thoughts? Comments? best practices? horror stories?

Thanks in advance.



Inviting @growopowners, @DispensaryOwners, @mastergrowers and @EquipManufacturers to assist Sandra with her questions for the expo panel.

Happy chatting and growing!


Congratulations on the panel, spreading education is so important. Please feel free to call me directly if you have any questions on anything really, but compliance and Lab/ Grow build outs are my specialty. I am project manager at Podtronix and can help answer any question regarding C1D1 environments and portable or in building build outs. Good luck & look forward to helping out :dancing_women: #womenincannabis
Pepper @Podtronix : 626.417.6368


@cannabizopps I’d be happy to participate. I’d say my biggest challenge is Social Media. While we have made some HUGE strides - we seem to have to tread lightly. Oddly enough, I see ginormous billboards for growers, dispensaries and delivery companies everywhere.

I’m starting to see more and more “offline” advertising. WOM (Word-of-Mouth) Videos, T-shirts, Billboards, print magazines and Podcasts.

I really think that like many verticals that had a strangle-hold on traditional advertising methods - cannabis may need to “do its own thing”.

Remember when book publishers needed an agent and endless submissions and prayers to get a book deal signed? ePublishing came along and literally everybody was able to publish a book virtually overnight!

The scrutiny and criteria needed to break into the world of publishing vanished within months. I remember reading about a couple in the mid-west, who’d both be laid off during the last recession.

With limited options and a family - they took to their basement and started writing romance novel eBooks (remember this was 2007-2008). Within a year, they were pulling in 7 figures. (an exception I know)

They couple was contacted by a literary agent after their story was published in a syndicated news outlet.

The agent promised them untold advantages and benefits - to which the couple replied (sic) “we’ve been doing pretty well on our own…why do we need you?”

What does this mean for THIS conversation? eCommerce will find a way WITHOUT the current stakeholders.

Someone will build an app or create a SEO portal or a Netflix show (wink, wink) that will no longer require the antiquated permissions that limits eCommerce today. [censored graphics] [descriptions may violate federal policies] etc, etc…

I’m always thinking of clever lead magnets, authoritative information and following trends to move on a dime so I can better position our company for the best results.


thank you for this. Allot of good information, I did not think about.


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