Sun system pro sun lec 315 commercial fixture

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$220 ea

The Sun System Pro Sun LEC 315 watt Commercial Grow Light Fixture is designed for use with Light Emitting Ceramic (LEC) brand ceramic metal halide lamps. This commercial light fixture comes with a ballast and reflector. The reflector is made of 95% reflective German aluminum for premium light output, reflectivity, and diffusion. The ballast is optimized for thermal stability without the need for air cooling and is designed with commercial horticultural environments in mind. It drives LEC brand CMH lamps for sustained peak performance using 160 Hz -low-frequency square waves and has special programming and a built-in circuit breaker to protect lamps from electrical irregularities like short circuits and high temperatures. The Pro Sun LEC 315 Commercial Fixture is dimmable to run LEC lamps at 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%, or 100%. It also features a low current staggered ignition delay to prevent circuit overloads, protect lamps, and increase lumen maintenance. You’ll love this new LEC technology that provides plants with a next-generation full light spectrum featuring more beneficial UV and far-red light to maximize plant productivity!

Sun System Pro Sun LEC 315 Grow Light Fixture Features

Compact commercial design to minimize obstruction in greenhouse lighting

Compatible with Etellignet lighting controllers (sold separately)

Power cord/plug configuration varies by fixture voltage:

The 120-volt/240-volt model includes a Convertible Smart Volt Dual Ferrite power cord

The 277-volt model features a hard-wired 8-ft power cord with an L7-15p twist lock plug

347 volt features a hard-wired 8-ft power cord with an L24-20p, 20 amp twist lock plug

Includes eyebolts and 16-ft patch cord

Lamp sold separately