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Sunlight & Sunlight through a window

Hey, is the sunlight outdoor same as sunlight through the window, or does it lose some strength ? :thinking:
@kapouic @oldguy @piper @Ladithief

No it’s not… you can grow through a window but yo don’t get sunburnt through a window…

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Yeah I know you won’t receive vitamin D through the window… what I am asking is if there it is a huge difference for plants.
If it wasn’t good enough for the plant than the greenhouses wouldn’t work right.
I am deciding if I move my plant behind the window (outside will be too cold) or leave it under the light :thinking:

“If” you wanted to grow in the window, like said above, it’s doable

I did it once, it was coming out nice, it was in preflower stage and come home from work and someone slit my screen and ripped (stole) it. Never attempted it again. It was a bad neighborhood anyways, glad I moved. Keep in mind for window or outdoors. BEWARE OF RIPPERS


oh dear :joy: well I guess if someone was motivated enough to climb to a third floor with a dog outside than I would let him keep it just for that effort :joy:
Ye I have actually read that too and i am starting to move the plant outdoor, but the weather is cold in the night and mornings (around 6 celsius) so I don’t know if its better to leave it under light until its warmer and then move it or just leave it on the windowsill (and than move it) :grimacing: :smile:

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Sorry I never think of the thieves… I have a 6’ fence and 200lbs of dogs that roam in and out of their house through a dog door 24/7…lol… and there is so much weed growing in our little town no one steals it… as everyone has it…people grow it on their front porch/yards and shit I have 3 plants that by July can be seen over my fence in front of my Dawg House…it is literally everywhere here…lol… @Packee can attest to this… we have been known as the Mendocino of Ontario…