Super Casual Grow No lights home grow outside - Update Week 8 (Harvest Soon?)

These 4 clones where potted on January 1st and started showing pre-buds around January 20th. I move them inside into a dark room so they get at least 12 dark per night. They have not been in temps below 45f

Originally planted in hot soil I had to flush a little bit
When I noticed the pre-buds I started giving a capful of tiger bloom with each gallon of water.

My question is about trimming? Should I do any now? Maybe next week?
Seems like the only thing these need is time

Garlic Budder Week 6

SD-19 Week 6

Fire Crotch 1 Week 6

Fire Crotch 2 Week 6


Don’t rub your eyes while trimming, best advise I can give you


LOL I need glasses to trim so no danger there!


So do I but I still manage at least once

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Hey there @Greenbert

I only grow outside presently and past. I don’t really bother to trim my plants until after flowering sometimes. I simply let the grow and grow.

When flowering begins I clean up shit down low, and stuff within the first 6" of the stock that isn’t worth really keeping. I’ll also slowly trim off fan leaves over the course of flowering, and obviously anything dying.

I don’t declare to know everything, or anything at all. I know that this has worked for me for about 7 crops now.

A big difference between what I may be working in environmentally as opposed to you is that I have a greenhouse tent. I can ensure that my humidity is always above X % and if it’s too hot I can always open the windows. I do however take them out for the day more often than not, and only put them inside at night.

Best of luck, and hopefully something in this ramble was worth reading.


The greenhouse I just bought seems similar to yours. Was going to use it to grow a few rounds of auto this summer. Just have to figure out how to get the temp and humidity right on 115 degree days.


If you have it with your windows facing East/West and leave your windows open, in tandem with a position that will be in the shade by about 13:00, you will be fine.

It took me a while to figure that out. I was watering 6 times a day to keep my plants happy and alive, then I discovered that there was enough reflective sunlight from around the yard that simply being in direct sunlight until about 1 was sufficient.

These plants are crazy, they will grow in just about any condition it seems. Why doesn’t Nasa or Elon take one to space?


Update Week 8: Here are my plants now. Ready for Harvest soon? Now?

When would you harvest?

Replanted 1/1
Flipped to 12/12 on 1/7

Plant 1: Fire Crotch1_Week8:

Plant 2: Fire Crotch 2 Week 8

Plant 3: Garlic Budder Week 8

Plant 4: SD19 Week 8