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Super Kush Autoflower

Hello peeps , just wanted to share some pictures of my Super Kush Auto . First time growing auto . Tried my best to keep topping , but they just wanted to take off started growing them around October 7 . Let me know what you think ?


Never grown Autoflowerings strains myself. Very interested in them. Still want to try them one day.


I’m sorry I didn’t see the message this was my first time growing auto flower . Actually my first time growing inside . I did my first run in the summertime outside. It was hard because to many variables outside. I liked it , so I build myself a grow room . Way easier and if done right no bugs . My first run was regular strains (not auto flower) So I got some Super Kush seeds from a friend and they all came out auto flower. I don’t buy auto flower . But buds are looking good .