Switching Nutrient brands mid-grow

Hi everyone!

I have a closet of vegging clones that I’m slowly moving into the flowering tent. I’ve been using Botanicare throughout but am now out of the vegging nutes and really don’t want to continue with that brand due to the fact that they’re now owned by Monsanto. (Hey, we all have our things and I just can’t).

So what are our opinions on changing brands mid-grow?

Also, what are our opinions on using a new veg nute with the rest of the Botanicare for bloom?

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Your plants won’t care one bit. NPK is NPK. Do what you gotta do. :wink:


Thank you. My thoughts exactly!


If I switch nutrients mid-grow I do like to do a quick flush with a flushing agent. Just to get rid of any excess nutrients in the pot. I don’t know if it actually affects anything, and I bet it’s more my paranoia haha.


I was thinking of doing that actually. Paranoia or gut-instinct :slight_smile:


I have had plenty of people switch to Dakine420 in numerous stages of growth from plenty of different brands.

I always say to flush really good and feed the next time they need watered or fed. If it is veg or early flower, I try to recommend our atomic root powder since we use it on a weekly flush. It still has 5% nitrogen to keep them green and happy while achieving a flush with Mycorrhizae and trace minerals to benefit the root zone in many ways.

Go for it they won’t get shocked or hurt in any way. Unless you don’t know how to use the new brand. Then there might be a chance of an issue. I would start with matching your normal E.C. and ph. Then adjust if needed.