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Take the Poll: Are you data-logging in your grow?

Data is king in the modern cannabis space. We’ve found that some growers collect their data manually and some use controls or data loggers and some don’t even collect data at all! We want to know how you collect data in your cultivation facility. What is your preference? What are @mastergrowers and @growopowners using to collect data? Are you utilizing environmental controllers that also collect relevant environmental data? How are you logging your data?

  • We measure our data manually
  • We collect our data with sensors and then make manual adjustments
  • We are looking into using controls
  • We use sensors or data loggers to monitor data and make adjustments for us (full automation)

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Only 5 hours left to submit your answers! Looks like half of you use full automation, but the other half is spread throughout the other 3 answers. Why do you collect data the way you do? For some growers it’s about being able to understand their grow and make fine-tuned adjustments, while others want to save time and money.

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