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Talking to the media or someone against cannabis

The two pages I run on FB is mostly made up or pro people BUT every once in awhile I get some of the anti folks in there. It’s okay all is welcome as long as everyone behaves themselves. I have one page that keeps sending members to I guess spy on us try to disrupt the flow of info. How do you handle the media and people like this. I feel compiled to inform them and show them the other side. I mostly say keep and open mind and education is the key. I’m one that does not hesitate to talk about anything cannabis related and will talk your ear off if you let me. I’m in Missouri where it’s not legal yet BUT we will have a vote in November this year on three choice’s. I have this one group that seems to be rather bothersome at time’s. I know kinda the main guy running it and he is about as anti as you can get. He has a one tracked mind. Thing is this group can get into school’s and misinform allot of mind’s. I’m patient, I will wear him down.

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You are fighting the good fight. I believe you already have the answer…

This will take time, but we are trending towards more acceptance and legalization around the world.

Keep up the great work and let me know how we can help.


Some minds will never be changed.

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Only a sufficiently felt shock can awake someone from their self-imposed reality if they are closed-minded. Such as when they or someone close to them have a serious enough health issue that is successfully treated with CBD or the like is often what is required to snap them out of their ordinary perspective.

However, people so close minded will actually “choose” long term suffering, even death rather than seek a treatment that does not fit into their programmed reality, I mean education. Historical facts don’t even matter.

I’m seeing this exact situation with my mom.