Tansy as an insect repellent

Has anybody incorporated tansy into their toolbox of natural insecticides/repellents?
I can’t find any documents related to cannabis and tansy specifically and wonder if it may be helpful. I have a lot of it around my house and will test it this summer.

Here are a couple of links about tansy and potential uses…


Predatory insects seem to like it. From observation the yellow flowers seem to be very attractive to lady bugs and wasps. A spray or tea sounds like it could be quite useful.


I’ll be curious how your experiment goes @Taima. We’ve seen success with a blend of neem/seed, pine and other natural plant oils. Not only does it work great as an insecticide, fungicide and bactericide, but also brings out a nice pine finish during decarboxylation. Can be used as a foliar in veg, but also as a nutrient amendment, all the way through.


It says it repels ants. Does that include predatory ants like trapjaws?

The other question is how to remove it before consumption? Natural pesticides can still be really nasty if smoked.

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An article discussing tansy as a tick repellent. Thurjon appears to be the active ingredient which can be harmful if ingested.
But other sites indicate it as a beneficial component.


I have a product called soluneem . its on my website. omri certified . botanically derived. great for preventative and curative without doing anything hard. its organic certified. I can send a sample if needed ?



As a rule of thumb I only spray any teas or foliar additives during the growth phase. Once flowers start developing you don’t want to be locking up any potential issues in the flowers.


This is the same thujone that’s in wormwood and provides the alleged psychoactive properties for absinthe, no? I guess there’s a difference between drinking it and potentially smoking it though.