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Tariff stickhandling

Can someone explain to me what the total cost of purchasing LED lights from China into the United States amounts too? I’ve heard different things. I know there is a 25% tariff. But what other fees/taxes/duties will a customer entail?

The reason I ask is because we have a $1 million order going to a customer in the USA. No point in bringing them to Canada first, as we’ll have to pay Canadian duties and then American tariffs. We might as well just send the lights directly to the USA. BUT, what is the actual costs?

Even links to someone that would know would be great!

Thanks all!


Hire a Customs Broker in the U.S. They will take care of everything and answer all of your questions.


Do you have any recommendations?


Decide what city you are going to bring the shipment in thru and contact a broker in that city. Just Google ‘custom brokers’. Look for someone who has been in business for a long time or used to work for customs. A lot of guys retire from the government and then go into business as brokers. Talk to them all and then make your decision.