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Technical documents for Lab design

Greetings fellow heads,

I’m in need of a lab design. I’ve had two bad experiences with constants who claim they can deliver a basic lab layout and inventory for my current project and both have just wasted my time.

I know exactly the specs i need to meet, i just need an actual technical document that looks professional, and ideally, a consultant i can circle back to when we want to scale up our operation.

our interest is Isolate and Distillate CBD and THC.

Thanks in advance Growers!

1 Like get ahold of Paul Baskis… tell him Mick sent ya


@LabOwners and @LabEmployees and perhaps @ProcessorOwners may be able to help. I know @Blinky may be able to lend a hand on helping with specs, if available.

Good luck!

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Precision Extraction Solutions


Thanks, @Blinky! I knew you had something up your sleeve to share!

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Outside of Az, they are the only ones i know of that actually know their :poop:
Especially for setting up a Distillation Lab.