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Technology processing walnuts... useful for cannabis?

Essentially walnuts need to be dried before they can be shipped or sold. Conventional dryers take 24 hours and blow hot air on the drying walnuts, which costs a lot in terms of electricity or fuel. This newer method uses infrared light to dry out the walnuts while saving on electrical costs.

Would this be practical to cannabis? Curing could be made faster with infrared light such as this.

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My dad grows walnuts and I think he does his drying outdoors. Fortunately he’s in a dry climate, in Adelaide, Australia. He says the biggest issue he has is with birds eating all the walnuts, so he has to use cannons to scare them off:

I wonder if the infrared system would do anything adverse to the cannabis in terms of the terpenes and volatile compounds?

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oh god I hate those things. Where I live I am surrounded by Grape fields for miles and miles. Ican tell just by the random " shot gun" blast sounds throughout the day and night that everything is budding.
In my experience anything over 70-75 degrees, heat wise , you kill your terps.


Yeah being around those things can be obnoxious. I remember living in wine country in California and having them go off periodically.

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Very interesting idea. We’ve seen a number of drying methods over the years, with many growers doing a natural dry. I don’t know if I have seen anything like this while out in the field.

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