Tell Us About Your TH(C)anksgiving Plans!

Turkey Day is upon us, and something tells me Green Thursday, Green Friday, and Cyber Green Monday is not too far behind either. Some strains/cultivars make a world of difference on how you take in the whole experience. So, what’s your preferred cannabis product for tomorrow? And what do you plan to do with those leftovers?


I’m looking forward to sprucing up the mushroom gravy with a little something extra. Adding in some second-day herbal notes of sage-and-parsley-like aromas. Has anyone tried this?


It’s a family affair: We like to start with a with a ganja buffet. After spending some quality time with e-nail and some dabs, the show really starts. THC turkey, stony stuffing, green bean casserole with extra green, mashed POTatoes, topped off with a crippling cobbler. Then everyone sleeps for 18 hours. Who’s game?!?

Happy Danksgiving, everyone!


Talk about a grower’s bounty! HaHa. I think you lost me after the ganja buffet. I’d already be out for the evening.

Nice @Growernick


We go hard…and give thanks

We do lose some souls along the way, but there’s plenty of chill places to sleep it off. It’s amazing what the combination of THC and tryptophan can do to a person’s body! It’s like a tranquilizer!


I’ll be giving thanks with my family for the great country we live in abound with seemingly endless opportunities within the cannabis industry.

As the slogan for Virginia Slims cigarettes once said, “You’ve come a long way baby!”…this is very applicable but with the unknown future I would add, “Yet we have so much further to go!”

Hope everyone is with their families during this special time of year and make sure you tell your loved ones how you feel…do it today because no one is guaranteed tomorrow.


im going to a diner. dont want the hassle of cooking or cleaning. and idk maybe blaze up some double doja i just finished


We are at my son house with his girlfriend. New puppy in training.

Thank giving we have been cooking since we got here. :slight_smile:

We are going to have a crab cakes cooked in weed butter gee.

I would love to make a fresh trim and coriander relish.


@ethan those crab cakes sound spot on! Pics or it didn’t happen though. Show us some of that good-good with the good-good butter.