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Tell us your thoughts. Market research Fridays!

Happy Friday Growers Network!

Today is market research day for team #cannabizopps.

We would like stimulate some healthy conversation and pick your professional minds.

Some of the topics for today are:

  • What do you think are some of industries biggest challenges?

  • If you had the option to outsource any one service for today’s canna-business(regardless of operating sector) what function would that be? (i.e. planning, finance, operations, support, HR, training, marketing)

  • What type of topics would you like to see offered as continuing education and certification for professionals running operations and support?

Thanks as usual for your contribution!


Marketing in this industry has always been a challenge. Growers meet all kinds of restrictions at almost every level. Banking, Financing, and Marketing seem to come with additional obstacles that require a much more in-depth thought process.

Facebook has begun to lift some of their restrictions for CBDs and Hemp product marketing. Usually other platforms will follow their lead.

Word-of-mouth and who you know, will ultimately play a bigger roll in this industry. Building a brand and working hard AF to ensure people know who you are will go a long way.


I agree that Marketing can take a local brand National or International but with restrictions on how and what you can advertise can be a really big challenge. Starbucks is a great example. They literally DO NOT advertise - but everyone knows who they are. Their community does all the advertising for them…just search images under Starbucks for a ridiculous trove of pics of “Frappes” and such. Plus they have apps that make it easy to know their customers.

Gotta go outside of the box to be in front of the people you want to acknowledge you. Standing out in a sea of noise can be incredibly hard - but, done effectively can open all kinds of doors.

#HashTag It and build a campaign around it. Figure out the why. Market to the RIGHT audience and forget trying to please everybody.