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Temporary pause on cannabis transactions through the forum

We’ve seen several people making deals to buy and sell cannabis products through the community, which is great and we’d love to see it continue. However, we need to put a temporary hold on the practice, pending review by our legal team. We want to be 100% certain that we’re not breaking any laws or putting the community at risk by having this sort of transaction take place through the Growers Network community.

Once we have fully vetted the practice with our legal team, we’ll update the community policies and let you all know. Afterwards, we are hoping that this feature of the community will come back even stronger with more functionality and safety for all parties. In the meantime, we ask that you refrain from making any new posts about buying or selling cannabis products until further notice.

We appreciate your patience as we get this issue sorted out. As you’re all very aware, this is still a murky, grey area due to the conflict between the federal and local laws around cannabis in the United States.


Hi Nicholas,
I am extremely pleased you decided to pull that plug (I hope it stays that way!)

The act of being a blatant sales person and not adding to the community dialog a cheap and selfish action and bit tacky!, I even say that of myself (even if I mention a tool that helps GROWERS).

I find it in extremely poor taste to just SELL at EVERYONE on a forum dedicated to knowledge and selfless information, available to all who are in need.

Your team has done a great job with keeping the integrity up and the lowball “Widget Salesmen” out of the pages, but I see it creeping back, (people can be very very tacky sometimes) to just make a blatant ad sales in a “topic section” that has NOTHING to do with the topic. A lot of us who helped BUILD this industry don’t appreciate the shysters and scammers who are just profiteers…it not only weakens the industry, it gives ALL people in this business a black eye.

How about an ability to Censor of Flag these people and if they don’t conform to the guidelines, they get ousted from the forum!?… Permanently (not the email, the actual computer or mobile device, that way that can’t just log back in as a new member.)

I guess this is a pet peeve as i am usually reading a great article and then some clown pops in and goes completely off topic and starts SELLING HIS WIDGET, has nothing to do with the topic just “hey I have a captive audience, lets bombard them with my sales lit” wrong!

I know….tell you how I really feel right!?

Well it’s less about selling services to cannabis providers, which is ok when done in moderation, and more about people who are looking to make cannabis deals through the community, which is legally problematic from a federal standpoint. I agree that overt selling all the time gets annoying and spammy, but there’s a place for it in moderation and when done while imparting knowledge and being helpful. It’s always a tough balance to strike and we have had to remove a few folks from the community who did nothing but post spammy stuff.

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