Tent Setup troubles. PLEASE HELP!

So i have a 8x8 tent set up in a condo (we’re allowed to grow here as long as we don’t disrupt other residents). I have an AC infinity fan, silencer, and carbon filter. Using a HPS light with a raptor 8in reflector hood. I have room on the outside of the tent on all sides. I need help on figuring out the best way to run my vent system. I’m running 4 plants in a 10 gal pot image|375x500

Fixed! Thanks!

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Hey @louispicasso, what was the soution you came up with for interest sakes.

Yeah I like seeing answers to the questions also…always curious to see how some else vents also…

I would connect one of those filters to the air intake outside of the tent run that one through the light and run the other filter in the tent just circulating air so it takes care of the smell and a separate air out. Maybe just a duct fan on the top. If you really want to smell proof it. Get another filter and connect it to the air out.

I’m running a duct from the outside of the tent through the raptor hood, the. Air intake then another duct to release the air outside the tent. I have the carbon filter on the floor standing up along with the ac infinity fan and silencer.

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If you really want to smell proof it you need an ozone generator. Its the only fool proof solution. I have tried many filters. I have bought expensive ones and cheap ones. I even rebuilt/refilled them and did a complete how to do it here on GN using the best carbon and they all started to suck after a time. It reduces are flow by 25% right of the bat. And makes equipment work harder and makes more load and heat in the fan. Try this unhook the filter and feel the flow of the free air and hear the fan speed up. I only pre-filter the air going throught the ozone generator to keep dust off the bulbs. And i can create so much negative air pressure its amazing i love it. Better flow, cooler air, less heat, and saved electricity.


I am so glad odour is of no issue what so ever…lol…

thats good thanks