Test, acclimatization. 26 fast growing varieties, Europe, America. (51°N.W). Breeder

Testing and acclimatization of fasts, early flowers of European, American breeders in our northern latitudes.
Breeding of new varieties.

About 40 varieties were ordered, several thousand euros were spent, purely on order and delivery of seeds across borders.
Fertilizer - standard mineral, Yara Mila mixed with urea approximately 50/50. They were brought in during digging. And then pellets from slugs.
The seeds were specially planted late on June 1 and 2, directly into the ground without any soaking. Came together in 10 days. Nuts were waiting for the fierce tests of our outdoors - slugs, caterpillars, soaking, cold, heat. We’ll see how they handle it all. Here’s what I mastered, 26 varieties:

BC Bud Depot - Shiatsu Kush
BC Bud Depot - BC Mango
BC Bud Depot - BC Sweet Tooth
Ace Seeds - Violeta
Ace Seeds - China Yunnan
Ace Seeds - Pakistan Chitral Kush
Ace Seeds
Jinxproof Genetics - 9 Pound Hammer
Humboldt Seed Company - Blueberry Muffin
White Label Seeds - California Orange Bud
Reserva privada (DNA Genetics Seeds) - Tangie
Mr. Nice Seeds
Mr. Nice Seeds - Shark Shock
Mr. Nice Seeds - Shit
Ace Seeds - ErdPurt
World Of Seeds - Afghan Kush Early Harvest
World Of Seeds - Pakistan Valley Early Harvest
World Of Seeds - Amnesia Early Harvest
World Of Seeds - Strawberry Blue Early Harvest
Sensi Seeds - Shiva Skunk®
Sensi Seeds - American Dream®
Sensi Seeds - Afghani #1®
Sensi Seeds - Skunk #1®
Humboldt Seed Company - Pineapple Upside Down Cake
Sensi Seeds - California Indica®
Sensi Seeds - Maple Leaf Indica®


The photos were taken on 05/26/22. In front of the plate is a photo of this variety.


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