Test growers needed. New organic product launch


I’m a new company launching a brand new bio-stimulant product line made from algae that act as a bio-polymer. The product in lab testing showed a 10%-20% increase in yields for fruits and veggies.
It’s organic as it is 68% bio certified and the other 32% is a carbon ( algae skeletons).
It also has a PH balancing effect when properly calibrated (fish farm test).
There are 2 products, one for roots and one for foliar applications on the leaves.
Information and spec sheets are available upon emailed requests thanks again.

I am self-funding and need experienced growers ( with multiple grow cycles or 3 years actively growing)
That can take my product add it as a control test to their mixes and document “Everything” and share the report back, please.

Let me know if you are interested. I look forward to working with you.

I am a company in the USA, so free shipping and testing bottles are for USA inquiries only. However, if you’re overseas, I can mail free products as long as you pay shipping.

I also need to let you know I will ask (but not steal or force) for testimonials. If this is not ok with you. Please tell me ASAP so I notate the account.

Best regards


Hi, I’d be interested in trying it

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4 years with 3 cycles/year in recent history. Interested. Hydro grower. Advanced Nutes.

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Is this a purely indoor product?

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Hi Jory,

Thanks for your interest email me at [email protected] and i can send you more information about it this weekend.

As long as you’re in the USA i can ship freely.
Go ahead and start telling me via email how you want to test it? How many plants? Indoor or outdoor? Hydroponics or soil? Etc. :blush: thanks


Thanks for the interest. Can we speak via email ? At [email protected]. I’d like to talk more details about the testing methods and style you had in mind. If you’re in the USA I can ship free samples ASAP.

Thanks and look forward to speaking with you soon :blush:


So no not at all. I prefer outdoor growers as they would buy and use 2 products versus one :wink:. Also they use more product so its a win-win. My products enhance their nutrients and bio-controls and simultaneously boost their yields.

Whatever your growing style let me know and I can make sure you have the quantity needed.
My email is [email protected]

I’ve been growing in a tent for almost 5 years I’ve had good grows and bad but I’d definitely like to try your products and I don’t mind reporting or documenting it for you