Test & Trial Inventory Compliance Software

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Parsl delivers to its consumers Track & Trace cannabis services for all business types. To use Parsl all you need is a mobile device with NFC capabilities & Parsl smartTags for your products & other need to be tracked items. It is a cost effective & time saving solution to traditional METRC operations.

We’re offering businesses, who are eligible, a free trial to our software & products who might be interested. The trial includes access to our services for a year and an initial reel of Parsl smartTags.

If this is something you might be interested in. Feel free to reach out to me: [email protected] or check out our website here: https://parsl.co/

Here is a short explainer video about Parsl. https://youtu.be/CCJeOx8-jno



Is PARSL able to communicate with Colorado Metrc or will there be double entries?

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We most definitely can integrate & communicate with Colorado METRC. We also create a duplicate store of data in case METRC is to go down. Allowing your business to continue its operations in the event of that happening.

If you’d like, I can set up a meet & demo for you.

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