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Testing by justgrowin - Mammoth Bio Control

Just received the bottle

Package said two items but only had 1 bottle in it?


Directions very unclear. :woman_facepalming:t2:

What is the surfactant in step 2?


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Thanks for the message. A surfacant is the same as a “wetting agent,” which reduces the surface tension of your mixture and allows for better plant coverage. Here’s an example of one that we recommend, but there are others as well.


I know what it is. It says to use theirs. I am guessing that’s the second bottle that was listed in the box. Does the product test become null if I’m not using their full product line?

Clearly says to add using their labeled guidelines.


Got my sample yesterday, Thanks.
Red spider mites

11/04/19 - Mixed 6ml MB-Pl to 250ml h2o, with drop soap. Before lights out, both tops and bottoms of leaves, plus the top of soil sprayed liberally twice to ensure everything fully coated.

Comments & Questions:

The directions say, use once a week, but 7 days, that doesn’t sound right. Maybe as part of an IPM. What about the hatching eggs?

I inferred light degrades this product from the application directions. If this is so, it becomes less effective over time. The newly hatched mites would have plenty of time to feed, breed and lay more eggs. Most other products recommend use every 3-4 days for infestations.

Have a bad infestation on a plant about to go into flowering. What is the reason MB-Pl can’t be used after veg phase?

Did you choose to use drop soap for a reason? It appears they have a product you are suppose to use as the surfactant. I’m ready to use something else myself. Can’t wait much longer for an answer.

I just treated like you would with any foliar spray. I saw he hadn’t answered you yet, and couldn’t wait myself. If I don’t get an answer to my questions then ima proceed as if it were Azamax, Pyrethrin or BT until I do.

I checked for mites on the plants after day 3 & 4 as you would normally do, and I saw nothing. I waited the full 7 days and sprayed 6 ml to 250 ml with a drop of soap again.

Sprayed tops and bottoms of leaves plus top of pot. There were no signs of mites still. New growth shows no signs of spotting, Gonna try this on the infestation, pre flowering be dammed!

What are the ingredients in wetting agents?
Or what is it made of ?

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I missed this message, sorry. I’m assuming you got it sorted out?

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No. Never did. Still have the bottle unopened.

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Ok so I got some further instruction and used dish soap as the surfactant. I got rid of these things once but think I must have gotten several bags of soil from my hydro store that were infected Bc I now have a few with white dots. A sign of mites. So I’m going to use this now before they become a real issue.

The first application I used a soaked paper towel and wiped down both sides of every leaf and wiped the stems.

As u can see there are some spots on the leaves that show some color bleaching

Further applications (if needed) will b with a spray bottle