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Testing companies that test for anthocyanins and flavonoid content?

I’m looking around and having trouble finding companies that advertise testing for anthocyanin and flavonoid content. Those chemicals are responsible for a large portion of a plant’s aroma and flavor, not just Terpenes.


This might be tricky. Even industry leaders such as Steep Hill Labs and OG Analytical don’t explicitly offer these services. Have you tried contacting some of the directors for these analytical organizations? It’s not outside the realm of possibility for them to test, it’s just not a commonly requested test, and may require retuning a machine.

Another possibility is speaking with some non-cannabis analytical laboratories (particularly those relating to food products). This comes with the caveat that they may not be interested in testing cannabis for legal reasons.

One thing I want to note is that it might be harder to test for flavonoids and anthocyanins, which is why some analytical laboratories might not offer the service.


Hi @AlexJacobs! I represent A2LA, a testing laboratory accreditation body. We have the largest directory of accredited testing laboratories in the United States. I found one organization that is accredited for anthocyanin testing - here is a link to their scope:


Good ideas. I hadn’t thought of the food testing companies - there’s a lot of that out there already.

It also seems very hard to isolate those chemicals - which might explain why they are so tough to come by.


That’s extremely helpful @kroberts - thank you!

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