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Testing Facts Labels


KB LABS is introducing a new patented testing labels that the growers can put on packaging sleeves or bags. Those are full panel testing labels that guaranteed to the consumer that your product is safe. Testing only for potency (THC/CBD) does not guarantee your flowers safe to consumer. And consumers are getting smarter and more educated with cannabis contamination issues. If you are in Arizona growers and interested please contact us


Where are your labs located in AZ? Do you travel to pick up samples?

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I like that the label clearly says “Not Tested” for the ones that have not been conducted. I hope that growers are willing to include that on their labels.


Amazing, these labels are a great way to encourage growers not only to take health measures but be accountable for testing for everything on here.


We are in Scottsdale. Call to make pick up arrangements. 602-3215695


The label that you see is a sample. Only the tests that the customer is requesting on the label. The labels are different for flowers, concentrates and edibles .


This is the way for the consumer to verify the product they are buying is fully tested and safe. It’s also a great marketing tool for the growers the dispensaries and edible manufacturers. We are starting an educational campaign so patient will ask for those labels before they buy the product. Other testing labs can licance those lables from us. They are US patented.


The educational campaign will be a great way for people to really understand why testing for these things is crucial . Are you planning to campaign live at trade shows or connect with people locally in AZ? I’m right next door in New Mexico. This is definitely the type of thing I’d tell ppl I know in Arizona about.


What’s your minimum number of samples to make it worthwhile for you to travel?

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We have taken a full page in dope megazin for 6 months to start with. We are looking for more PR avenues such as social media. We are starting in AZ were no testing regulations are in place.


Please call us. You’ll get all the information you need for testing and sample pick up .


The label looks excellent! Everything is clearly stated and factual! Well done.


Nice to see the labeling revolution coming along!

We also have a work-in-progress “FACTS” label added to our Laboratory LIMS, I would not call it patented tho, we got inspired by the FDA on the format and we’re planning to report everything that is required by the BCC on the Certificate of Analysis, only in a very small font :slight_smile:

Good Job!

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We now need to put in the resources to educate the patients/consumers to ask for those lables at the dispensary before buying. Same as “ask your doctor for …” the pharma revolution.
I hope your lab owners are committed to do this.

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Oh and did I mention that we are already doing it in Arizona via Dope Magazine…


I think that is great. We can regulate ourselves by setting the standard. This is added value and easy to see self tested product as premium.


You have my support, that’s great that you can help people in AZ and I hope other states can de-regulate, we can’t call it a medicine if we don’t know what’s in it, right? My company staffs for experiential marketing (we provide staff and sometimes planning/logistical help for trade shows, festivals, street teams) so that’s very much a face to face experience, and refreshing compared to all the time we spend online as a society. I’d be happy to chat more about this with you as it pertains to events in AZ or elsewhere. In terms of social media, the best I was able to soak up from course, seminars and my own work has been repetition, putting great content out there consistently with relevant hashtags, engaging with people and asking them questions, and building an email list. I don’t want to make this message too long but can probably share more and would be happy to, in regards to social media or live marketing. Stay tuned for my article which goes into more detail on that, in the next few weeks.