Testing luxx lighting clone strip leds

Got a few clone lights from luxx to test out. There 18 watts strip led. I put 4 together to see what happens in veg.

I just made a small frame of aluminum and 12 pop rivets.


Following. Got to buy some clone lights soon.


I almost pulled the trigger on a set of two of them. They just didn’t fit my seed starting and cloning box. It is made for a 2 ft light. Also those are quite pricy.

Let us know how they do.



Well i prefer the agroleds but there $25-$28 each bulb and 4 of them plus the fixture to put them in is pricey.
@sssportsmfg funny you say that because i just got another cheaper light from Amazon because it was half the price for 2x more lights. Your supposed to mount them at 10-12" apart but i made them at 2 1/4" apart for the size of tent and i doubled them up and used 4 strips. I want to compare them to the agroleds and the durolux. I like that these light make like zero heat. I will be testing the tents temp drop after using this vs the durolux. Because the durolux is hot and it heats the shelf up above it a little more than i like. Because it excites the plants roots but it also dries them out faster and causes the tent to heat up a bunch.


Good little set up there @PreyBird1


Any further thoughts on these Lights in that 4 pack array?
Reasonable for Veg? I ask as I need to rig up a rack or two for my overwinter Peppers…not much light needed, just enough to keep them ticking.
32umols isn’t too bad on 18W ea


Yes i love them and im planning on buying 2 more sets. There $50-55 each and they make zero heat and use such little wattage they pay themselves back in like 60 days. 2 sets are 60watts you lose 4 watts in efficiency. But 4 lights as apposed to 1.75 lighghts i currently use 44 watts a led bulb. And lots of heat is produced. The lux lights are wayyy better.


Awesome man, Thanks for the quick feedback.

$26 a stick thats a deal.


Yeah i really like the agro light led because the uv in them but there not cheap and if you have a 4 bulb fixture they get expensive! And there hot. Plants touch the lights and hit the heat sink part of the led tube and burns leaves. So these are really sweet. And you can hook up 100 of them on 1 single 20 amp circuit!


Yeah they are so low profile, I bet they’ll recess in my metro-racks, and I might get and extra shelf for some low stuff like oregano/thyme etc not having a bulky fixture under there…thanx again man.


I bought mine when they were like $88 so at $52 each heck yeah because a durolux light is like 360 watts. The electrical savings and less heat and less stress on the electrical circuit also. :+1: i have a 4x bulb fixture in the other nursery and its using 176 watts.

This is my other favorite light.

$118.52 vs. $224. 118 gets you 176 watts. 224 gets you 60 watts. Thats 116 watt reduction in power. Hell yeah less electricity is better all day long.