The Angle Slotted Barrels

When our customers order spare barrels for their ZOOM Double Barrel trimmer, we always ask which barrel they would like to purchase - a Left Barrel or a Right Barrel, or a set of Barrels. There is a reason behind.

The Left Barrel and Right Barrel are perforated. The perforations form a rifled helical pattern, with the perforation rifling mirrored, one Barrel relative to the other. The Barrel perforation rifling is mirrored because the Barrels counter-rotate, which requires that the rifling be mirrored in order to encourage movement of the plant material down the Barrels when the Barrels rotate.

This design is also patented.


Great detailed post with perfect visuals of your machines @CindyB :+1:

Heyy @Dubcab602, @Farmer_Dan, @Cap10 and @sunflowerOG !!!

What do you guys think of this trimming machine? Do you use something similar or different for your flowers?

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I am new to machine trimming, being on the commodity side.

I’m having a trimming service come out this year. I think they use Twister T4s. I am after a speedy non-standard application where only water leaves are removed, and the flowers themselves remain mostly untrimmed.

Talking with the service, it seems throughput is slow for the cost, but they haven’t tried trimming them in the way I want them trimmed.

Previously, I have used fans to seperate the flowers from the chaff, speed isn’t that great there either…


Hello Dan,

Thank you for your input!

Zoom Double Barrel trimmer for rough trimming will give you very high volume per hour because you don’t need or want to leave it in the barrel very long and only to get the rough trim. We have end users that are rough trimming 120lbs plus per hr with 1 ZOOM Double Barrel trimmer. In addition, the barrel speed is adjustable from 0-180rpm with adjustable jacks to control running flow.

We also have a Mini ZOOM Double Barrel trimmer which trims 20+ lbs wet per hour. Both barrel speed and vacuum force are adjustable. I attached the Mini ZOOM trimmer picture here for your reference.

If you’d like to know more about our trimming machines, please feel free to let me know.



Is that high speed rough trim 120lbs wet or dry per hour?


It’s high speed rough trim 120lbs wet per hour by 1 ZOOM Double Barrel.

We have dry barrels for dry trimming, too. 40+ lbs per hour (but not rough trimming).


I need a way to dry rough trim somewhere around 4000lbs in a reasonable amount of time…


Thanks for the DM about Zoom’s abilities.

I will see one in action soon and then we can talk more about what works at what doesn’t, and see where Zoom will fit.


You are more than welcome Dan. I’ll respond to your DM in the morning.


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Super cool machine Cindy!


Thank you Steve. We are very glad we joined Gnet to learn from the community and at the same time to support the industry the best we can.


Thanks @Farmer_Dan for providing your feedback and interest in @CindyB’s Zoom technology!

I reached out to you and the other growers on Friday because I saw you all online and wanted to learn a little more about your operations. I am very happy that you are one of our valued members that knows how to keep an exciting conversation going.:slightly_smiling_face:

I really appreciate the interaction between you both. Great conversation, pictures and information in this post!

Happy chatting and growing!!

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