The book Cannabis Wars won the gold medal in the Global Books Award 2022

An important announcement for all legalization supporters: the book Cannabis Wars won the gold medal in the Global Books Award 2022

The book, which is called by many activists “the bible of cannabis” and has already become a best seller on Amazon, is an exciting and surprising documentation of the cannabis struggle through the personal, true and amazing stories of medical cannabis patients and therapists, legalization activists, doctors, nurses, lawyers, journalists, etc, which reveal the amazing and shocking gap between the plant’s medical capabilities and the global against it.

For everyone active against the defamation of the plant, the “cannabis wars” is an important tool, which has already helped to change the minds of many opponents of legalization, including decision-makers, opinion leaders, and doctors.
As the author of the book, I urge you to contact me so we can check together how the book and the knowledge contained in it can help you in the important fight against the defamation of the plant.

You can order the book or learn more about it here:

In the words of Dr. Daniel Mishori: "The publication of this book poses a diverse challenge to those involved in regulating medical cannabis and to the system of incriminating cannabis users. It documents the injustices and evils that are an integral part of the global medical system and society today.

This important book also documents the good: the volunteers who help others (free of charge) to distill and receive essential extracts for their recovery and supply a network of information and mutual support between patients, inspiring admiration and hope for a better world, un-alienated to natural medicine, un-enslaved to profit and control.

The heroes of this book, and this book itself, represent the forces of reclaiming, not only of the cannabis plant, but also of science, health, democracy, and human and patients’ rights. The success stories this book documents are sources of inspiration; they reveal personal courage, determination and the powers of mutual assistance and cooperation, whose universal significance cannot be overemphasized.

This book is a milestone in the history of the struggle for individual rights and the right to health, making an important connection between health, nature, medicine, public and international policies and human rights."


Hi @tomwegner

Wow, what an achievement for you personally and for the cannabis community. Welcome to GN.

With so many books being published about cannabis, this is something remarkable and obviously worth buying and the read. I see on, you won gold but is there more information e.g a book review, google book review?


Thanks! sure, there are many reviews on the book page on Amazon

If you choose to read it, I would love to hear your feedback


I wish I could, I am a cannabis book collector but just battling with getting things from overseas at the moment. our local postal services have collapsed and my local postal service has even closed down, 3 months ago. I am currently looking at alternatives, sad to see how badly countries in Africa are run.

This article was published today for interest sakes, how a company tested our postal service, sending a parcel no more than 500 miles and after 8 months, it was returned to sender.

“This round trip took nearly eight months or 163 working days, and the parcel was still not delivered.”

This is one of the comments posted 4 hrs ago: “I’m seven months waiting for a book I bought in North Carolina and quickly arrived in Kempton Park - from there it disappeared.
Tracking number useless.”


Yep, very problematic. This is an Amazon delivery so I think they do better. have you tried reading on your mobile or computer? you can buy it as an e-book (kindle) on Amazon


Nothing like ready and smelling a hardcopy. But would love to read the book. I will make a plan.


You can read the first chapters on Amazon for free as an e-book. I would try that and if it is good enough, maybe it’s a good plan. Would appreciate feedback of course