The cannabis industry is a boys’ club

Surprised to read this article about the latest MJ Bizcon held in Las Vegas a couple weeks ago. Surprised because you would think America is more aware of womens rights. Surprised because this happens in the cannabis community, allowed and supported. What are your thoughts?

And while there have always been plenty of powerful and dynamic female cultivators, retailers, and founders (whether you know their names or not), the numbers don’t lie. Less than 25 percent of the women in cannabis hold leadership positions; only eight percent of cannabis CEOs are women.

Sure it’s true that many industries lack diversity in management, but one may presume a sector focused on the divine feminine energy of the cannabis plant could and should be going above and beyond to ensure there is equal representation from the greenhouse to the board room.

Instead, a frat boy party culture has begun to permeate the legal industry, distracting the narrative from the true potential of plant medicine. A culture where blatant sexism and harassment are commonplace, and testosterone-fueled pissing matches have become more prevalent. A culture, while perhaps a product of our society, is on track to potentially destroy the integrity and passion that generations of legacy operators have built in the shadows. And while sexism in the industry is nothing new, it’s become more visible than ever before thanks in part to legalization.

Nowhere is this more apparent than during “Cannabis Week.”

Last week saw tens of thousands of cannabis industry professionals gather in Las Vegas for MJBizCon, MJUnpacked, and a bevy of after-parties, mixers, and networking events. A city that is arguably one of the most anti-cannabis places in the country despite the fact that possession is legal for adult use; a place where bouncers will 86 you from a club for simply having your Puffco out (I’m looking at you Mandalay Bay).
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I think that it has to do with not as many women want to get into it as men do, I found a similar article about Canada cannabis industry but with race.

I don’t believe for a second that the cannabis community is sexist or racist, I just believe that less of different groups of people want to get into it than some of the other groups.

I also believe in hiring and promoting based on qualifications to get the best that you can get, I mean you wouldn’t hire a carpenter to put in your solar array, or a chef to build a race car.


Nowadays there is no end to SOMEONE wanting to READ into SOMETHING that doesn’t exist, maybe they don’t want to? I don’t know of anyone or any origanization that hinders women from being in the cannabis industry at all. Maybe if all this pure nonsense would cease we would all get along a whole lot better? Jesus I am sick of this kind of crap.


And yet another one. And he is black, like I didn’t see that coming from his name. They got “empowered” by vote mongering politicians and just can’t keep their racist mouths shut. The only racist in the room is him.


Morgan freeman said it best, the only way this will all go away is if we stop talking about it, the more we talk about it the more of an issue it will become.


The U.S. is not exempt to discrimination.

Yes, sexism is present in the cannabis work place… just like in any other work environment.

Women who do not reciprocate to sexual advances or innuendos are quickly ostracized and ultimately fired.

Those who welcome objectification survive and often experience professional advancement.

Am I saying this takes place in ALL cannabis companies? No.


Yes, sexism is present in the cannabis work place… just like in any other work environment.

Without a doubt. I think articles like this build awareness and allow us to understand better. But in the article it seems like we still living in the 1980s. I live in the sticks and sexism is used used as a joke amongst friends, co workers neighbours. Some take it better than others.

Hallelujah. He was referring to race I think, but he is spot on.

I found a similar article about Canada cannabis industry but with race.

The same goes for social equality in the USA market. There is alot more happening than we think, even here in South Africa.

I think this forum should follow the same general principles of pubs/bars no race, politics or sex talk! It always heads south.

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lol . 25 years a bartender here. its religion and politics that are bar no nos. i have been on the end of being discounted and overlooked for being female. i worked around it. i also have seen the race thing first hand having a diverse family. my mindset is i dont give a crap what color or sex you are just dont be a jerk, work hard, be honest, and laugh at ourselves. this is the secret of a happy world.


I think a lot of this depends on company leadership. Our head gardener is a lady, and I also work with people of all races. I also feel like people should be able to talk about anything. How are we supposed to bring awareness or fix anything if we can’t have a civil discussion about it?


the only color i care bout is green… and i don’t mean money. i only care if it’s a female in charge when talking bout my plants. otherwise, i only care about the actions of a person. say what you want, be who you want, all i see is cause and effect. asshole or angel.