The Cannabis Industry Is Dying

Very interesting…everybody should watch this…


I watched it when he posted it and I can understand his frustration and concern I’m not sure I share it. It’s a weed with mild but significant beneficial properties that’s been around a long time. They got into it to make money but the corruption and greed associated with legalizing, licensing, branding, and selling has drawn these players in and they can literally just murder you with money…like a big f0 REAL pile of cash…
It’s easier and a lot more pleasant to just grow it yourself and stay off of the GD Instathingy. Ooooo I got all preachy so sorry! It sounded all…,“You kids get off my G*D Damn Lawn!”


And I agree! But this is exactly where the problem lies… Still not being able to grow at home after legalising thanks to those enormous commercial money hungry players. Not at home nor small scaled commercially. Craft cannabis. And that kills the industry as we know it. Or would like to see it.


Growing weed for personal use might still be possible. What EXACTLY are the laws that prevent you from growing and what are the penalties? Has it been decriminalized and just not legalized in your state? Who actually cares what you do if you are relatively discrete, produce small amounts, and don’t sell or trade? Is it worth their resources to even care?
It is still very much the wild west and we are the reasonable saloon patrons that quietly head for the exit when the drunk gunslingers playing poker in the corner start yelling at each other. Sometimes its better to stay home :wink:


But for realz get off my goddam lawn kids… ain’t nobody got time for that.


Great way to put it. :rofl: :cowboy_hat_face: :partying_face:

I think once the newly proposed federal bill going through you will see social media companies changing their policies. IG is a big problem for cannabis companies because they suspend, shadow ban delete accounts on a large scale. That is not fair, make it 18 or 21 + and allow companies to advertise.


I don’t think the hemp industry is going to die anytime soon. Such weeds are used for personal use and have many useful properties, in particular, they are widely used in medicine. Today the business of growing and selling quality cannabis, as the dispensary brantford, is where things are going well. Over time the authorities will legalize cannabis more and more for widespread consumption, so the industry is just beginning to blossom. Don’t be afraid to get into this business; just remember about good quality production!