The End is in Sight


As I predicted, the recent hemp bill was nothing but a wolf in sheep clothing.
Here is how it works. CBD is a a drug under the Food and Drug Act. This occurred when the FDA rushed Epidiolex through the approval process. As CBD and anything containing it is now classified as a drug, the FDA has total control over how or if it can be sold to anyone. This is totally outside the Controlled Substances Act and overrules any state rights action.
And of course, who controls the FDA…



Thc is next. Yet it’s more complicated as the fda is looking at ways to allow sales in food and other products. Also we still in live in a govt by the people for the people we just don’t utilize it. We need to get political, vote for good candidates, and hold them accountable. We need to demand and end to the prohibition of non mind altering and even mind altering plant medicine (and other drugs in my opinion). We need to take our health back from petroleum, insurance, medical and pharmaceutical companies and stop the chemical contamination of our food supply by corporate farms. These things will never happen with out sweeping change demanded by us and our friends, families. Neighbors, and Co workers. Loudly and without pause.