The Kvetching Thread

I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes it’s really cathartic for me to vent about issues I’ve had growing plants. Sometimes I can do something, other times I can’t.

I know, for example, I feel really bad taking down plants I’ve spent a lot of time growing. It feels like I’m taking Ol’ Yeller out back and shooting her. It just feels wrong!

Since I grow my plants outdoors, I can’t also help but kvetch about the normal pests endemic to the area. Accursed aphids and grasshoppers!

So let go. Unleash for a bit. Maybe somebody can help.

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What I’ve learned most through growing is that I hate it when equipment fails. I’ve had lights fail, AC units, timers, etc… Every time it puts my grow in jeopardy. I use to be cheap when it came to equipment, but now I make sure I don’t buy entry level products, just mid or high grade.

Also, building in redundancies and getting systems to monitor your grow from afar, such as iPonics or Hydropods, assuming you’re not using something more sophisticated such as an Argus or Priva system.


Equipment fails are the worst. Every time a ballast or fan goes out its a problem. I found that the best way to deal with this is having spare everything. I never hurts to have an extra ballast on hand for days like that.


I hate seeing problems (pests/mold) that CAN be prevented by proper growing technique and environment, then seeing those problems remedied with nasty pesticides and fungicides. It’s frustrating.


As an electrician the two tasks I hate more than all others is ; #1 troubleshooting lights and #2 replacing ballasts. Ballasts are almost exclusively made in China these days and the quality and dependability just aren’t part of the design. Value engineering :slight_smile: There’s nothing like installing 100 brand new lights and three months later having troubleshot 10 of them and fixed or replaced ballasts, igniters, etc… I hate rework. It shouldn’t happen. Un-American! It’s good to vent though… and I must say the best thing about marijuana is it can relieve your pain and numb the suffering mind. :stuck_out_tongue: