The obligatory Howzit Going post

Hey, I’m Red. Well, not all the time but dip me in boiling water and I will be.

I feel a bit like a kindergartner starting over. Been doing the forum thing for a while, just not here. I had a buddy from another site invite me over, so here I am!

I’m a hydroponics grower who really likes to push plants. I like to do side by sides and figure stuff out. For example, I have a 4x8 in which I can control every single setpoint, and I mean every one. Spectrum, gasses, and of course all the normal ones too. I use it to teach myself and to kinda prove or bust “forum Wisdom” and bro-science. Mostly because I just want to learn everything I can about this plant.

I have a pretty well stocked lab in the basement. I test for all kinds of things, and have equipment to do it myself. Pretty rewarding. At least for my feeble brain it is.

I’m looking for a new home with other Hydro growers that can help me up my game. Intellectual challenges from better growers than me are what I’m after.

I’m hoping I came to the right place! Hope to see you around.


Yabba Dabba Dooo, hell ya, so glad to see you Moe. Hoping we found the right place as well.


G’day Red and welcome to the GN-fam!


Well, you came to the right place ! Lot’s of great growers here to help you on your journey!!
I’m going to tag in a few here, and they’re bound to have more sources for you,
@Slym3r , @treetrunks, @happilyretired

Remember you can use that magnifying glass up top, next to your logo to source a tremendous amount of subjects…very helpful, especially if you’re new to GN and haven’t had a chance to catch up !
Good luck, and welcome to GN !


What sort of hydro are you doing now? I’ve got an ebb and flow going


I have a few tents. The old standby is fallponics RDWC. The experimental stuff is fogponics.

In the fog tent I’ve got o2 and co2 control a pair of spectrum changeable lights ac heat Huey dehuy and sensor controls that I built myself based on raspberry pi. I have 4 individual 55gal totes with thier own nute solutions for easy side by sides.

Crazy growth rates possible.

Got a few other things cooking too.


I know how that feels :wink: welcome good to have you here to share your knowledge

all the best and grow well



@Moe.Red , nice intro and welcome to GN. You have come to the right place, and hope you find all the information you need. A quick question that got me from your title, Howzit, where you originally from? The reason I ask, is howzit china, is a South African saying, but you just said howzit.


  1. used as a greeting, equivalent to ‘hello’ or ‘how are you?’.

“howzit my china—surprised to see me?”


I wish I had a really cool backstory to share but nope. Just a bum from New York. Now in the Midwest.

Wait this is the internet. I could make something up! :thinking:

Ok yeah, born in china, where I learned king fu from an early age. Now I roam thru South Africa learning Afrikaans and righting wrongs with my fists of justice.


Lol welcome to the forum. I recently started doing Rcdw. It will be nice to pick your brain! And maybe see how your doing it!


:rofl: :rofl:, welcome again and you found the right place.


Just watched this podcast made by a famous streamer a month ago, ARAB. Sorry for hijacking your thread but making a new one. Its about weed.

Now I roam thru South Africa learning Afrikaans and righting wrongs with my fists of justice.


Nice :slight_smile: I vacationed with BOP in Terre Haute for a bit

went up to Gary IN and worked for Inland Steel, I am in New York and from New York

grew up in The South Bronx I am Upstate now

all I can say China…:wink: nice to have you with us

all the best and grow well



Sure thing.

I snooped your thread about your setup. They can be a little bitchy until you get the water chemistry locked in. Happy to help any way you want me to. I’ll try to find a couple of pics of my setup for reference.


Wow, you found my video!

:fist_left: :muscle: :south_africa:


Appreciate the welcome.

Some vacation. Nice to be out of there I’ll bet.

Indiana is kinda blah. Unlike where I’m at (Missouri) which is just kinda meh.


I just took these, your basic 4x8 with CO2 fallponics mostly on autopilot.

Running Han Solo death cookies and gruntz fems by OldSog


Never been to Missouri I did live in West Helena Arkansas not so much fun :frowning:

went across the bridge to Mississippi had great Cat Fish rolled in peanuts and fried

worked in the Oil Patch in Louisiana as a rough necked

running from the Feds at that time so I moved a bunch

very nice setup :slight_smile: your Hydro is? please pardon my ignorance :frowning:

my guess Deep Water Culture with a reservoir

all the best and be safe



You aren’t missing anything. Except maybe the Cardinals.

You’ve seen some shit man. I’d like to smoke a bowl with you and get some stories.

This one is Fallponics. So 2 plant sites (13 gallons) and a 55gal res which recirculates. Fallponics because the return flow from the pumps is above the water level so it makes a waterfall for that tiny little bit of extra aeration.

I fill the pots up with roots by the end and trees come out the top. When I push, I can get well over a pound a plant. But I don’t push too much here anymore, the fun one is the Fogponics system not pictured. If I’m trying something crazy I’ll do it over there.

I gotta switch to cell to post pics of that system. I can come back later and do that if you want to see what a crazy engineer with too much time and the right amount of tools will do to grow weed lol. It’s a sickness really.


air :slight_smile: hard to drowned a plant in water if the water is full of air :wink:

post photos please :slight_smile:

big roots big buds

I Grow for the head and so I do not have to support Narco Terrorist :slight_smile:

when they doxxed me I will use this post in court when I pick twelve :wink:

In my youth I made many bad choices :frowning: but it is what it is at the end of the day

wish I would have put some coin away and not trusted the bankers at BCCI :frowning:

Grow well My Friend and be safe