The Parallel Double Barrel Technology

A close look at the Barrel Blades and understand how they work with both Barrels when the plant material being processed.

The Barrel Blades are positioned on the underside of and between the Barrels. The Right Barrel rotates clockwise, while the Left Barrel rotates counter-clockwise.
The Barrels counter rotation is because if the barrels travel against themselves the material rotates into the cutting zone for the reel blades to trim. By having the Barrels counter-rotate, only ONE Reel Blade is required for both Barrels. That is also why we don’t have the reel cutter at the bottom of the Barrels. Material will naturally be pulled up to the Barrel inside wall toward the center of the machine as they turn in opposite directions and that is where we have placed the cutting reel.
Our machines are all designed to use this natural tumbling force to get the best trim possible.


You mentioned that you have a patent on the double barrel design if I remember correctly.

I have seen other double barrel designs out there. What is your patent for specifically? The opposing rotation of said drums?

Can you elaborate about your trim collection system?


Hi Bryan,

The opposing barrel rotation is one patented feature and another is the angle slotted barrels for more gentle handling of the material and better cutting action.

Our trim collection system has a 3hp motor for 2750cfm air flow for maximum cutting efficiency. We also have two large bottom collection bags with two top vent bags for good air flow and two hoses from the machine for this large 2750cfm air flow.

Thank you for asking.