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The resignation (?) of Jess Sessions: what does it mean?

“Good people don’t use marijuana”

These are the words of now-deposed AG Jeff Sessions. To many of us in the American cannabis industry, this individual more than any other signified the very essence of today’s war on cannabis.

This thread is to discuss (and celebrate) the resignation of U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions. What do you think this represents for America? Do you see the rollback of federal cannabis prohibition here in America? Could some of our loved ones finally be released from long prison sentences for cannabis offenses?

I just want to take a moment and roll one up and offer a toast to the end of the reign of terror of a self-admitted cannabis hater. Cheers!


Doesn’t mean a whole lot for legal processors. Jeff Sessions was a dog with a muzzle when it came to legal cannabis. Most of his cannabis enforcement in legal states was focused on processors and growers who weren’t compliant with state law.

As a legal processor I had never been concerned with Jeff Sessions.